Bowling Etiquette
Understanding Bowling Manners

1. Be on time for league play. Lateness not only affects your teammates, but also bowlers who are due to bowl after you.

2. Be prepared to take your regular turn on the lanes. If another bowler is on a lane to your immediate right or left, do not advance to the foul line until the other bowler has completed the shot. However do not wait for bowlers several lanes away on either side.

3. Take your time, but don't waste everybody else's by useless posing or waiting around until all around you have bowled. Bowlers are often irritated and distracted by those who stand too long before advancing to the foul line.

4. Stay in your own approach area. Step back off the approach after making each delivery.

5. Don't use another player's bowling ball, towel, resin, etc., without permission.

6. The approaches may not be exactly to your liking, but don't use chalk, resin or powder to condition them. the next bowler may like them as they are. If you have a complaint, take it quietly to the manager.

7. Control your emotions on the lanes. Kicking the ball rack doesn't help anyone!

8. Be certain you wait until the pin setting machine has completed its cycle and the sweep bar is raised before rolling the ball.

9. Getting your ball out onto the lane is important, but lofting is bad for the lane, and it won't help your game either.

10. Do not carry refreshments onto the bowling area. Spilled liquid can create problems for all the bowlers.

11. Good bowling requires concentration. When an opponent is set to bowl, give the player the courtesy of making the shot without interference.

12. Play to win, but be gracious if you are on the short end of the score at the end of the game. 'Modest in victory, gracious in defeat' is a good motto.

13.  Do not talk on your cell phone while in the bowling circle, on the approach or rolling your ball